Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Too close to the tree. (Humorous)

Too close to the tree.

The tree you're standing under is me. The root you just tripped over? That was probably my dad. It's amazing how we become the very people we said we'd never be.

"Hey son! How is your day going?" My father has the ability to always sound as if he's just eaten a bottle of pep pills. It's a trait that has been passed down from former generations. "I'm doing fine," I replied. My parents and I talk nearly everyday and usually for good reason. They're either bewildered once again as to why the printer isn't working with their computer, or they're wondering why their computer isn't working with their printer. Either way, I've come to hate Bill Gates.

Our conversation that day was just a "catch up" on what's going on in our lives. I inform dad of my latest bookings for my public speaking and dad reciprocates by giving me his calendar information. Dad does what I do but does it for churches. In other words, my father and I get paid for what they used to put us out in the hallway for - talking a lot.

This particular morning our conversation didn't last long. Before hanging up, dad wanted to tell me he'd gotten a phone call from a certain person that was going to book him to do his finance seminar and then we said our goodbyes and hung up. Typical call. Typical day. So I thought.

Near the end of that same day, I got a second phone call from my dad with mom listening in on their other phone. They often are both on the line when they call. Just before hanging up, dad starts to tell me again about this person that had called and wanted to book him for a seminar. Now, before you think my dad is losing his memory, let me enlighten you. He's never had one. Not really but, my dad has forever been a story repeater, joke repeater, and story repeater, and joke repeater. This was just another story I was either going to politely listen to, again, or jump in and interrupt the inevitable.

I decided to respond with "You already told me this dad." Usually he says "oh" and we drop it. However, on this occasion he was certain he hadn't. I insisted he had and began to repeat the details of the name, place and circumstances he had shared earlier in the day. Hesitant to surrender, he finally did with "oh, I guess I must have already told you." I could hear mom laughing on the other phone and we all chuckled as our conversation came to an end.

The next day my daughter, my wife and myself were sitting around our dinner table getting ready to eat. I started to engage them in conversation by telling about the phone call I had with my dad the day before. I laughed as I was going to great lengths to explain to my wife and teenage daughter how Grandpa Jack was so insistent that he hadn't repeated his story when in fact he had. While still in the middle of making fun of my dad, my daughter started to laugh and interrupted me with the following line. "Dad, you already told us about your conversation with Grandpa. You told us last night." - True Story!

Moral of the Story
I can't remember the moral of the story. Ask my daughter.